Qiran Xu

I will extract a certain part of my true self, then enlarging it. 

Qiran Xu is a multidisciplinary artist. She is from Ningbo (China) and is now based in Rotterdam.

As a medium to transmit messages, sometimes Qiran will use herself. 

She shapes herself as seekers for various purposes in each component relatively. 

She looked back, to understand what caused her actions and reasonings. 

Other times, She projects herself into objects around her. 

It will be an apple, a potato, or a T-shirt, also more than that. 

'I photograph people due to myself, due to my urge to build up connections with people, 

even if it’s transitory and temporary. '

'I am scared of experiencing intimacy with strangers and longing for it at the same time. '

The projects start from her own pain also allows her to turn into ‘the Other’. 

By looking at them as an outsider, so that she can makes a truce with the pain. 

Qiran creates works for those who also feel not seen, not heard, and not understood.

 'I want to touch people with things that touch me. '


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